Recent marketing analysis indicates that teenagers spend up to 44.5 hours online every week. In case you missed that, I said 44.5 hours a week online. That’s a crazy amount of time. Since this isn’t a post about parenting, I’ll move on to the opportunity. What if you had a product or service whose profitability relied on exposure to that core demographic? Chances are, if you are reading this, you probably do.

If you aren’t going to them where they are, you’re probably not reaching and growing your core potential for sales. You have 44.5 hours to reach them, so what’s the problem? The problem is: you don’t have 44.5 hours to spend sitting around online tweeting and updating your status.

You simply don’t have time for online marketing. 

But SmackSmog does. 

Our job is to bring value to your existing service by helping reach your core market online. We offer a full spectrum of online services, specializing in creating a custom social media strategy, just for you, that will increase your presence online marketing strategy, expand your total outreach and drive potential sales through our comprehensive approach. We spend our time maximizing yours three ways:

Developing an effective Social Media Strategy saves you hours per week. reports that every week, hourly employees spend up to 2.5 hours per week online, conservatively. Every week, you have two and half hours to reach an audience that is intentionally not working. Whether it’t 44.5 or 2.5, our team knows how and when to leverage your message to reach your maximum target more often. We’ll be working when, you know, those people, aren’t.

Developing an effective Social Media Strategy means all 140 characters reach your core. 

Don’t you hate it when you send a tweet and nobody retweets it? Can I get a favorite in the house, please? SmackSmog works to make sure you are influencing your target; driving retweets and getting potential clients talking about you. It might be all about the bass on the radio, but in social media it’s all about the share. Tweet that, we won’t mind.

Developing an effective Social Media Strategy gives your clients confidence in your service and a deeper sense of connection. 

The brand you trust is the brand you know. If you want potential clients to know who you are, you have to be where they are. That’s where we come in. The promise of SmackSmog is to deliver result based social media strategy and online marketing strategy to get your brand, your product, your service in front of the people that you want to reach.