Kitting up for a client visit

Image by Lars Plougmann via Flickr

I recently met with a client. This is a good client, a good person and a good business person. I mean I really like this person. A lot. This person has a good business but like many others its’ been hurt by the recession. We talked about their P&L and started talking strategy.  This good and awesome client said to me. “How can I make more money, without spending another dime?”

My answer was short and sweet. Update your blog on  a regular basis. Follow our blog writing strategic plan and I think you are going to be okay.” In fact based on their numbers, based on the success that I have seen with our clients who are in similar industries I think the potential is there to make an additional 100K a year. Do I think it’s possible? Absolutely.

The truth is I have a client who was in much worse shape but in the same industry. We started working together and yes it took time but we did exceed their goals and are now financially secure.  Do I think it’s a fluke? Nope. Do I think it’s only limited to one industry? Nope.

So what will it take for this biz to make any EXTRA 100K a year?

  1. Write & Post on a regular basis.
  2. Work with me and develop a strategic plan.
  3. Implement the plan and stick to t.

Is more complicated then that? Absolutely! Is it doable? I know it is. I’ve done it before! The question is how much do you want to make this year? If I was to offer you the opportunity to make an EXTRA 100K a year, would you take it? Would you?