I recently looked over a report by Barracuda Networks about the usage of Twitter. It’s an interesting read.

What I found that was most interesting was:

  • Only 21 percent of Twitter users are actual True Twitter Users.
  • Overall, users are becoming more active on Twitter.  (Source: Barracuda Network)

So what does this tell me? Yes there are lots of empty and dead accounts out there in Twitter Land. But it tells me that if you are interested in getting noticed it’s not that hard. Since there are a gazillion number (estimate) of people out there only 21% are posting on a regular basis. What that says to me is that there are lots of people still on it, lurking, reading and waiting. They are waiting for you! Jump in! Lead them!  Go ahead and send Smack Smog a message and lets talk. Lets figure out how to get you going on Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook , and Blogging so that you can reach your goals!