GE Intelligent Platforms

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Isn’t that a saying or something. “The shoemakers children have no shoes?” That’s very much how I feel about my website and my blog. Although I help people all day and night with their websites and their social media content my own site sucks. Yes, it’s very much true. I feel very bad about it but what can you do? The truth is that I’m very fortunate and I’ve taken on a few bigger clients and I’m very, very busy.

No matter how busy I am I always look for research. One of the most important party of my job is to stay up on things that are happening in social media, marketing and technology. Part of this of course falls into the world of marketing.  I recently came across an article in the Harvard Business Review about GE and marketing that I thought was very interesting.

The summary explains General Electrics transformation from a marketing ghetto to a world class organization. It’s a great read! I encourage you to read it.

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