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Blog Comments and You!

Blog Comments are slippery things.  We usually want them, but then we’re not sure what to do with them.  Even the positive comments can you leave you thinking, “Hooray!  Now what?!?!”

There are a few things you need to know about comments.  Let’s look at those things before answering the “now what?” of the comment.

First of all, they’re elusive.  As a Social Media Developer I see a lot of blogs.  I check my clients’ blogs.  I read other blogs.  One thing I’ve learned is the number of blog comments is rarely a good indication of the number of readers.  I have a client who often has an incredible number of people come to her blog and stay for a few minutes.  Her bounce rate is often around 5% and she has a great number of organic Google referrals. You would never know it from the 2 comments left.

Blog Comment Envy?

If one person leaves a comment on a blog post, that’s a good reason to pat yourself on the back.  Basing your self-esteem as a blogger on the number of comments you receive is nuts.  Yes, some bloggers garner hundreds of comments.  If that’s you—fantastic!  If it’s not, consider yourself among the normal.

Secondly, you don’t have to have them.  Most themes allow you to turn off the comment function.  If you find yourself too focused on what others are saying about your thoughts, turn them off.  You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

So, what do you do once you get a comment?  Just like any other civil exchange of words, you reply.  It’s that simple.

Don’t Forget Your Manners!

Sometimes a simple “thanks for stopping by” is all you need.  Sometimes you need to engage a little more.  That’s your call. If your writing attracts a lot of attention, your “thanks for stopping by” response gets rather tedious for both you and your readers.  Engage them.  Respond to their ideas.  They took the time to write.  You can, too.

If they have a blog, click over.  Read.  Leave a comment.  I’ll bet you make their day. They may even return the favor!