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Talk to your sales people. What is the question that all your customers ask the most? What is it that they do they not understand?

You can argue with me but the days of the yellow pages reining supreme are over. (Sure there will always be someone who uses it but I think it will be less and less.

With some exceptions your clients don’t want to come to your webiste to be entertained. They want to learn about you. They want to see if you are professional, if you have the right qualifications, etc. They also want to know about your products, services, busisness hours, locations etc.

Don’t make them guess. Give them the details in an easy to find straight forward manner. Not everyone thinks how you think. Understand that while most people have similar reasoning skills they are not identical. When you provide more then one avenue for sucessly finding your information the happier your clients will be.

The trick is to answer their question. Be nimble, be quick, answer your clients questions before they can ask them. If you can’t do that, give them a place to ask questions and offer answers. Well written blog posts, forum, even a good contact page can make all the difference in the world!

Be Helpful!