So here is the thing that cracks me up about Social Media. Its how every Social Media “Expert” uses the word “Community” over and  over again. Its the big hype buzz word, instead of referring to the clients, as “Clients, as Customers, as whoever” in Social Media we call them “Community Members.”

You will read tons and tons of articles about how to talk to “your community members” etc. Be nice, don’t be mean, listen, etc. Yeah I’m not buying it. You see I don’t think that most of these people even really know what community is. So if they don’t really know what community is in the real world how are all these people going to build community in the online world?

So next time you consider hiring someone, promoting someone, etc in social media here are some questions to ask.

  1. How many people can you name that live on your street (your own family does not count.)
  2. Where is the nearest mailbox to your house?
  3. Where is the nearest library to your house?
  4. What is the name of the elementary school, jr high school and high school in your area?
  5. How often do you get together with people in your neighborhood and do something social, fun, or to help others?
  6. What community groups do you belong to in the real world and in detail how do you participate?

You see it is my opinion that if you don’t understand community in the physical world you won’t understand it in the online world. Sure there are exceptions to what I’m saying but you can catch my drift.

Personally I’m pretty involved in my communities life.  I’m a board member of the Verdugo Woodlands Dads Club (, The local Parent Teacher Association (, I’ve been coaching youth soccer for years ( and more.

The reason that you want Smack Smog on your side is that we get what the words “Community” and “Social Media” mean and what they mean together!