The first rule of content marketing through social media is you do not talk about… wait a minute that’s wrong. Let me try again. One of the main guidelines for using social media as the vehicle for your content marketing is to post content that you are proud of and do not need to delete. Remembering this is imperative when dealing with your social media content. Posting a tweet or status update is fast, easy, and irreversible. How many BuzzFeed articles have we read with such great click-bait titles featuring phrases like “Consumers outraged over inappropriate tweet” (for the higher brow with discerning tastes and great cheese plates replace BuzzFeed with The Huffington Post or even, gasp, the New Yorker). Even if you still consume your news the old fashioned way deleted tweets branded as inappropriate will be flashed across your television screen (I’m looking at you Wolf Blitzer, your sweet holograms are not fooling anyone).

The Definition of Inappropriate for Social Media

Guess what? The definition is whatever your consumers deem it to be. If you tweet or caption something in moment it will live in the web forever. Did you just hit post and then rethink what you wrote. Scenario: You post something with a joke that could be of the “too soon” variety. You can delete as fast as you can but (cue dramatic music) stay at home mom in Michigan sees it and takes a screen shot to share her horror with her friends and followers. Next her son in college at NYU shares the post with his followers (are some of them journalism majors? You betcha!)and the circle continues expanding Ad infinitum. The blessing and curse of social media are two sides of the same coin. You can reach a giant group of people instantaneously, but then again you can reach a giant group of people instantaneously (the repetition was for emphasis don’t call it out in the comments, don’t be that guy).

Stalin and Social Media

When you erase things you post to save face for your brand you are being a Stalinist, and no one like a Stalinist (except maybe Stalin’s wife but they had a pretty rough marriage so my initial assessment stays!).When Stalin came to power after Lenin died, he ensured his power was not challenged through brutal force and information control. Through information control Stalin would erase his rivals from Soviet history. The above photo provides a textbook example. The top photo features Trotsky (the main rival) standing prominently on the stairs near Lenin (beloved and lost leader). In the next photo below we see the Stalinist version in which Trotsky has been erased. Trotsky posed such a threat to Stalin that he erased him from Soviet history. In Orwellian terms, he was sent down the memory hole. Dissent was dangerous in Stalinist Russian and Trotsky was not only erased from photographs but was also assassinated during his exile from Russia. The original photo resurfaced proving yet again that you cannot permanently erase bad photos (were you tagged in a photo on FB that was of your worse side? Revel in it because even if you remove the tag someone saw it, and it was probably the jerk in your friendship group that doesn’t let anything go).But what does this history lesson have to do with social media?

Social Media Take Aways

As you start up your social media site the content you choose to post is vital for your brand’s reception and survival. You want to post thoughtful, entertaining, and educational content and the gains are product loyalty. In picking and choosing what to post remember that you don’t want to be a Stalinist. Be rigorous in your choices because although you can delete posts, pictures, and tweets someone out there, on that vast digital wasteland we call the internet, probably has taken a screen shot of those less than stellar communications. Don’t believe me? Next time you get a chance use “there” instead of “their” and then edit the post to the correct the mistake. By the time you edit, their will already be a call out in your comments (get it?). Do not let your company or product be a victim of internet shaming. Post content that makes your company proud. Up to now content marketers have only explained the retail world…the point is to change it.

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