Logo of Intel, Jul 1968 - Dec 2005
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So if you have been reading the Smack Smog Blog for a while you know that two of the things that we really like are Info Graphics and discovering other companies Codes Conduct in Social Media. Hey some people collect buttons from Disneyworld and we collect Social Media Codes of Conduct.

The one that we have uncovered today is from the mighty Intel Corporation that makes some of the best Chips in the world. Not very surprising they have their own Social Media Code of Conduct. One of my favorite items in their Code of Conduct is:

Always pause and think before posting. That said, reply to comments in a timely manner, when a response is appropriate.

Doesn’t it just seem like its just good old fashioned common sense? Well of course it is but just like having the need for Mothers to help us learn how to act in public so do we need Social Media Consultants and Content Strategist to make it all operate better!

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