1. Never ever reference “Its a Wonderful Life” in your social media content unless you are really watching it in Real Time. Its not okay to reference it after the fact either.

2. Never ever reference the Dalai Lama in any shape or form unless you are within 15 minutes of speaking to him personally or that you have spoken to him within the last year. This has nothing to do with the Dalai Lama (he is welcome to come over for coffee whenever – open invitation) but it does have everything to do with you.

3. Use bullet points or numerical order instead of commas. I’m referring to writing lists. In my humble opinion the rules for writing content on the internet are different then for most of the rest of the writing world. Good, smart AP English teachers will be sure to disagree but I really don’t care. In particular my rule is that if you find your self using 3 or more commas in a sentence it is an opportunity for you to use a colon and use bullet points.  You see bullet points allow the reader to scan your written word faster and more efficiently then if you just drag it out with sentences and traditional paragraph structure.  Why is this important? Well you see in today’s world of the Internet people don’t read computer screens, smartphone screens like they would with an iPad or a Kindle or even a traditional book.  They skim and they read fast. If the reader can’t find what they are looking for then they will move on.  So information has to be accessible quickly and easily. Thus the need for bullet points to create space for the reader to easily see your content and to access it.