The iPhone has definitely been a game changer for the Internet and social media. I’m not alone when I tell you that  in the near future the lines between mobile media, the traditional Internet and Social Media will change, and change drastically. Is it because the technology is very, very cool? No, not really

I think its not the technology but the content that people are hungry for. If its a New York Times article or a round of Angry Birds people know what they want, or they at least they know it when they see it. They want distratctions (Angry Birds) they want knowledge (New York Times) or whatever it is they are online via their phones and their iPads in order to better get what they want.

Although I primarely use the HTC Evo running the Android operating system I definitely recognize the value of the and importance that the iPhone plays in the market. I ran across this infographic and thought I should share it.  Although we often concentrate on the content part of the social media its also important to remember who is receiving and using the content.

7 Types of iPhone Users by All Area Codes

by All Area Codes

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