SEO Tips, Mobile First Indexing and Sports for today’s Smack Smog Round Up

Hockey and Baseball

Los Angeles is excited as the Dodgers move closer to being in the World Series and I’m truly happy for the city that I live in. Everyone should be excited but I have to admit I’m most excited that my beloved Philadelphia Flyers are off to an awesome start of the season and are kicking ass!

This years line up strikes me as a team of young kids. Sure I’m an old geezer so anyone under 40 seems like a kid to me but I’m pretty impressed with Robert Hagg. He’s a defenseman who is 22 but seems to be in sync with Gostisbehere. I think I have a soft spot for goalies and defensive players. I’m excited to see how Hagg does this season.

I’m thinking that Hextall has a good plan in place. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Fyers this year!

Mobile First Indexing

I read this morning on SEO Round Table that Google has indeed begun utilizing their Mobile First. I won’t make you read the entire report but it sounds like the testing is extremely small and limited but it is happening, it is coming and you should be prepared. You were warned.

SEO Tip – Most SEO writers are not SEO Experts

It’s a common misconception but it’s true. SEO writers are often educated and aware of current SEO trends and best practices but this isn’t the same as being an SEO Expert. A good SEO writer is usually teamed up with SEO Experts and receive direction and input from SEO Experts.

Is this a complicated idea? It doesn’t have to be. You see SEO writers have different skill sets then SEO Experts. SEO writers should have solid writing skills like excellent grammar, spelling, and the ability to tell a compelling story that keeps the reader engaged. Being an excellent writer isn’t easy, it comes from a lot of practice and experience. SEO writers know that they need to connect and write for real life human beings, not computer programs! On top of that you add a quality understanding about being sure to include keywords into your content naturally without falling into the SEO Keyword stuffing trap and you’re off to a good start.

On the other hand a SEO Expert spends time learning about Search Engine Optimization. They spend time reading through the Google Blogs. They read the experts on twitter and follow other SEO experts, Google Employees hoping to gleam pebbles of knowledge. SEO experts keep abreast of the changes to the changes in the Search Engine Algorithms and understand the rules that the Search Engines layout. They watch Matt Cutts videos, read the websites and keep up to date on trends.

While they have the knowledge they might not have the best writing skills. I’m not saying that they’re writing skills aren’t very good. In fact it’s quite often the opposite Many SEO’s have great writing skills but it’s not always optimal for the general public. Many of the SEO Experts that I know write more like engineers than marketing experts. This is why SEO Experts & Writers team up so that the content shines through and is easy to understand, enjoyable to read and easily found via the Search Engines.