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The thing is that we don’t just make websites. Practically anyone can slap together some code, download a template and put up a website. SmackSmog is unique because we work at understanding your business and work with you to to develop strategies that will benefit your organization. We mostly focus in the digital world but we understand that all business is rooted in the physical world. We work at bridging the two worlds together for you. One of our advantages is that as  social media developers, we see a wide range of organizations, each with their own challenges. We look both online and offline for people and organizations who are doing things correctly and from time to time we share them here.

I recently came across a unique organization that is using Web 2.0 type tools and thought processes to grow and be the best. Surprisingly this organization is a church. Paston Harrison at Glendale Presbyterian in Glendale, California. He just wrote an excellent article about Pivot Method to find the vision for his church. He writes:

I have wrestled with vision.
I have wrestled to articulate it.
I have wrestled with how to understand it once articulated.

John Calvin

John Calvin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now the interesting thing is that the Presbyterian church goes back to 1541 with John Calvin. You can argue and debate the theology of the Presbyterian faith and doctrine but that’s not why we are here. The point is that it’s a established organization and it would be easy to just continue as they did for centuries.

Instead Pastor Harrison challenges himself and his church to be relevant and to be willing to change in order to be relevant.

I don’t want to steal his thunder but he lays out four steps to pivot and have your vision match your mission. You should really really check it out. Read his article today. 

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Who do you know that has good vision?