It’s overlooked and underrated.  You may have joined early because you were unhappy with another social networking site, but you haven’t done much with it. You think it didn’t live up to the hype; you ignore it.  Google+ probably mystifies you.

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Let me clear some of the mist for you.  Google+ is the best strategic content marketing tool you’re not using.

Google+ Circles

If you have any familiarity with Google+ you know it allows you to organize your contacts into Circles.  Think of them as circles of influence.  Great Aunt Audrey fits in your family circle.  She’s hip to some social media and she’s proud of you for being a business owner.  She wants to see your kids.  She wants to see your vacation pictures.  She doesn’t want her pages clogged with information about your business.

Put Great Aunt Audrey in your Circle dedicated to family. You’ll both be happier.  Those who are interested in your business, your colleagues in other locations, those with similar businesses?  They go in their proper circles, too.  Trust me.  They want to know about professional life not your vacation.

Besides organizing people to pass information  effectively, Google+ has more than a few uses.

Google+ Followers

Did you know that Facebook limits your followers to 5,000? Sounds like a lot? Not when you have to cut people every week in order to help you find just the right customer and clients. As far as I can tell Google doesn’t limit the number of people who follow you. I often run across

Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts are a great feature of this tool. It allows you to conference face to face with colleagues and clients.  If you want to glean from the wisdom of focus group, Hangouts allow this without anyone having to travel.  You can showcase new work with people with internet access anywhere in the world.  The possibilities of using Hangout for a communication tool seem endless.

Google+ Mobile

This is pretty cool. It doesn’t matter if you are on a Android Phone, Tablet or even a iPhone or iPad you can surf your network and you can even video each other doing very goofy things.

Google +1

Giving your +1 to articles, pictures, infographics and anything else interesting across the webiverse allows those in your Circles to see what you’re reading and liking.  The power of the judicious +1 is immense. Use your power wisely, but use it.  People will pay attention to what you approve.

Don’t forget to add the +1 button to your site.  According to HubSpot, websites using the button get 3.5 times more traffic than those that don’t.  That’s significant.

Google+ needs to be part of your social media toolbox.  It’s not what you thought it was.  It’s better.