I recently skimed an article over at Inc. called  5 Secrets to Selecting Highly-Effective SEO Keywords by Michael Mothner. The stuff  he has to say makes sense. I like how he thinks about the keywords… Don’t pay for the keyword Jewelry when Rolodex is better, etc.

I realize that his article is about Key Words but since Smack Smog works on developing content for Blogs and Websites I realized that what others pay the search engines for in the terms of Key Words we provide in our content development. You see if you are the Jeweler looking to buy a key word (and there is nothing wrong with doing that) Smack Smog would write blog posts that include the words Rolodex Watch and Jewelry, etc.

It sounds simple but is it? Do your readers just want to read an ad? Probably not. Do they want to read a bunch of keywords strung together to like some kind or “Word Search?” No I don’t think so. What your readers want is value. They are trading their time, for your knowledge. Knowledge about you and your thoughts, your wisdom, your expertise, etc. You must provide value to them by giving them what they came for. So the question is how do you do that?

Well its not complicated but it isn’t easy. Not only do you need to grab the correct platform, technology, and expertise but you also need to know what to say. Then when you blend in the key words that you were thinking about paying for the whole thing becomes tricky.

How do you know what you write sounds good? How do you know if it makes sense? How do you know if its interesting or even it pertains to what you are trying to do? Do you have goals? Does what you write align with your goals? Do you feel like you are just winging it and maybe could use some guidance.

Thats where Smack Smog comes in. We save you money by helping you figure out topics to write about. We help you with a writing schedule and we work on weaving in the tapestries of your keywords so that they make sense and you site traffic increases. You see if done correctly you can have it all. But you need help. You need Smack Smog.

Contact Smack Smog to learn how we can help you. To learn how Smack Smog can save you money and increase your business. Talk to you soon!