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One of the things that I often hear from new clients is that they are too afraid to blog. They come up with a multiple reasons, my neighbors , my professioanl reputation, my husband, my wife what will they think of me? What will they think of my writing? What will they think of me?

They focus on the wrong things. Most people that I work with come to me for different reasons.¬† Many clients have different goals but it seems to always come down to a desire to succeed. Often that desire is linked to financial success but not always. Sometimes its a desire to create a legacy, or fame but often it’s fortune.

So here is the question that I always ask. What fear do you have that is greater then your desire for success?

  • If you think that your friends are going to laugh at you for whatever it is that you are writing. Stop!
  • If are afraid that your spouse will think you are silly for doing all that writing. Stop!
  • If you think that strangers won’t respect you because you don’t write well. Stop!

Don’t let fear stop you. Let it motivate you. Realize that your writing, your blog, is part of the key to you succeeding¬† and reaching your goals. It does you no good to hold yourself back. You must move forward. You must write. You must reach your goals.

You can be successful. You can be happy. People will respect you. Pick up the pen, grab the laptop, turn on your iPad. Write!

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