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Blog Audiences get lost for many reasons.  They may not like what you have to say.  They may like what you say but not how you say it.  They may find you irrelevant to their needs.

Those are all great ways to drive people away from your blog.  But what if they like what if they like what you have say?  What if they like the way you say it?  What if you’re relevant?  There’s still a major way to lose your readers.

Don’t Kill Your Blog Audience

Inconsistency. It’s a killer.

I’ve seen it time and time again as a Social Media Developer.  If a blogger writes only when the muse whispers–and muses tend to be silent 360 days a year–those five or six posts aren’t read.  The blogger may feel good that she finally got something posted, but she’ll be about the only one on the planet who knows.

On the other hand, if readers know they can head to your site and find new content each Monday, you’ll see a lot of traffic on your site at the beginning of each week.  Consistency is key.  Readers don’t want to waste their time checking your blog just to find that your newest post is eight months old.  A few who discover you will check for new posts regularly . . . for a while.  If you’re not giving them new content regularly, they’ll abandon you.

Be consistent.  Post regularly.  Write lots of posts and schedule them out when the muse shouts.  You’ll keep those who find you relevant.  And really?  You don’t want to lose that audience.