Here is the thing. I work with small business all the time. I”m a small business. We are small and we know that every dollar counts. We can’t afford to mount a huge media campaign that shows up in newspapers, radio and TV. However we can utilize social media to keep in touch with our customers and clients. We do our best to leverage it, twist it and make it work for us. Why? Because we know that when it works right it works well.

In other words we know that it gives us the most bang for our buck!

If you are reading this then you use Social Media, are thinking about using Social Media or want to learn more about using Social Media. Great article from Mashable about How Small Business is using social media. You can read about at this link. Please check it out.

So many great nuggets but one of my favoiates was this:

“small business owners who are using social media are primarily engaging in social media through company pages (75%) and status updates (69%) on Facebook or LinkedIn. What’s especially intriguing is that a much smaller percentage of respondents — just 16% — are using Twitter (Twitter) as a customer service channel.”

So everyone uses Facebook and LinkIn and many less use Twitter? Should you be there? If so do you know how to use it? I do. Go ahead and call me and maybe I ‘ll let you hire me!