I currently sit on the Board of Directors for two non-profit organizations. One has existed for almost 75 years, and the other is relatively new. I’ve learned over the last twenty years or so that while they are in different stages of their journey, they both have similar needs on their websites.

essential information for non profit websites

Every non profit organization should have certain information on its website to effectively communicate its mission and goals to the public and potential donors.

Essential Information For Non Profit Websites

Here are some key pieces of information that every non profit should include on their website:

  1. Mission statement: A clear and concise statement that explains the purpose and values of the organization. This should be prominent and easily accessible on the website.
  2. History: A brief overview of the organization’s history, including its founding and any major milestones or accomplishments.
  3. Programs and services: A description of the programs and services that the organization offers, including how they benefit the community or cause that the organization supports.
  4. Impact: Information on the organization’s impact, including any statistics or success stories. This can help demonstrate the effectiveness of the organization and its programs.
  5. Board of directors: A list of the organization’s board of directors, including their names and backgrounds.
  6. Staff: A list of the organization’s staff members, including their titles and responsibilities.
  7. Financial information: Non profits should be transparent about their finances, including how they use donations and other funding. This can include information on the organization’s budget, fundraising efforts, and financial statements.
  8. Ways to get involved: Information on how people can get involved with the organization, including volunteer opportunities, internships, and ways to make donations.
  9. Donations & Volunteering: Although included in the ways to get involved above, this is important enough to mention again. It’s vital to have a way for people to make a financial donation or to give their time and efforts. Have a payment method on the page to make donations and specific opportunities for people to volunteer.
  10. News and events: A section for updates on the organization’s activities, including news articles, press releases, and upcoming events.
  11. Contact information: It’s important to include contact information on the website, including the organization’s address, phone number, and email address.

Other Website Items To Consider

In addition to this basic information, non profit websites should also be well-designed and user-friendly. This can include easy navigation, high-quality graphics and photos, and responsive design for mobile devices. By including all of this information and making it easy for visitors to access, non profits can effectively communicate their mission and goals, and attract support for their cause.