One of the things that sets Smack Smog aside from other Social Media companies is that we really focus on the creation of content. We spend lots of time and energy figuring out what our clients have to say, and how they should do it. It’s cool because it really seems to work well but it can be very exhaustive. Yes, its a form of Content Strategy, Content Marketing, etc… Okay, whatever, we don’t really get hung up on ourselves but instead we focus on how to help the client.

So sometimes, we hear clients say. “I have nothing left to say.”  or “I’m done, I have nothing left!” well guess what? Its not true. There is always something left to say. Some idea to work on that will provide what you need to keep producing content. Sure it’s difficult but not impossible.

It’s been mentioned before that we tend to work with artists quite a bit. It may be because I think of my self as a photographer and so I’m drawn to kinddrid spirits. Not by any means am I professional. Far from it. I photograph because I enjoy it. Most of my photography work comes from helping our clients with their needs (headshots, products, stock art, etc. The reason I mention this is because I ran across the video below and I found it inspiring.

Watch this video…

| Artists Wanted | In Focus : Pete Eckert from Artists Wanted on Vimeo.

Here is my point. If a blind man can take photographs, win awards, and create his own work. You can write more content. Break’s over. Get back to work!

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