Old War Poster

Photo: By The National Archives UK

So in my last Blog Tip I suggested that you use WordPress for your blog. I still think its a great idea and you should totally do it. You can read the reasons right here. However, you are here for the Blog Tip #2 and so on with the show!

My Blog tip #2 is to use pictures with your blog posts. Yup its that easy. People are more likely to read your blog post if there is a picture. So the honest tip is just use a picture. Of course nothing is easy is it? Sure you have to write a good blog post but then where are you going to find a good picture?

  1. Take your own¬† picture. Sure it’s easy. Just pick up a digital camera and fire away. Again the trouble¬† is that you take snapshots but you write like Hemingway. Whats a blogger to do? In fact what I do is keep a separate photo-blog (www.artsmog.com) that creates a nice library of images of my own work.
  2. Use photos that are in the public domain. I often suggest that bloggers go to the Flickr Creative Commons to find photos for their blog posts! Whats great about the Flickr Creative Commons is that a blogger is able to search for photos that are open for anyone to use. Flickr uses the Creative Commons to protect the photographers rights but many of the photos on the site are open for anyone to use. Click here to learn more about Creative Commons license and fair use.
  3. Zemanta – Is a plugin for WordPress that helps you generate content (espeically pictures). It doesn’t do all the work for you but I find it to be helpful. I do think its worth the install.

So no matter what image you use just be sure to make sure that you credit your source for the photo! Besides listing the name of the photographer and or owner of the image its also nice to notify them that you used their photo. Its just the nice thing to do!

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