Strategic Content Marketing

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If you’re really going to reap the benefits of strategic content marketing you need more than one tool.  Carpenters have more than a hammer at their disposal to build a house.  You need more than a blog to build your business.  You need a multi-pronged approach.

According to the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs joint report on Content Marketing’s Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, most companies are using multiple tactics to reach their audience.  The average company uses 12 different tactics.  Twelve.  That’s a lot.  In fact, that’s 4 more than most were using two years ago.

Social media (excluding blogs) is the most popular of all possible tactics.  According to the research, 87% of companies use social media.  If you’re looking for a good place to expand your reach, social media is the place to start.

Like any other tool, strategic content marketing must be used wisely.  Using a circular saw without a little training and coaching could leave you without a limb.  Likewise, get some expert instruction before jumping into social media.  Well executed it should open a new world to you.  Poorly executed it will cut off those already attached to you.

Here are some links to some well known and well documented complete and utter Social Media Fails in the Corporate World.

  1. 14 epic social media fails – This deck has some great
  2. Social media 101: Social Media Disasters  – I love this quote “Lesson: Spoofing porn is usually a bad idea.”
  3. Social Media Fails: The Worst Case Studies of 2012 (So Far) – Rachel Hyun Kim does a great job in discussing some of this years biggest blunders. One of my favorites in this list is how Woody Harrison lit a fire with the Reddit users as that he (or most likely his people) failed to understand the distinctive culture of Reddit users.

That’s why I’m here.  I’ll help you expand your toolbox and learn how to maximize each device for your business.  Join the 87%; you won’t be sorry.


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