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Great article over at ADBUZZ. It’s an article written by Mat Zucker from OgilvyInteractive. The article written is called “What I Wish Someone Had Told Me”

Myfavorite piece of advice?

Know your content better than anyone else.

I love it when he says…

But don’t be lazy and stay at surface level and rely on everyone else. Clients notice and remember who truly knows their business down to the widgets they produce and the number of factories they have in which countries. Your judgment as a creative and future creative director gets stronger and we trust you more if you do. And when you get in really deep, I’ve found it’s easier to swing very, very big.

This is how we operate at Smack Smog. We don’t like to make fluff content. We learn as much as we can about your venture so we can help you in the deepest and most sincere manner. When we learn about your business we can better learn how to create amazing content. When we create amazing content we establish creative pathways that utilize social media. These amazing pathways develop positive relationships with your customers, create leads and improves your business. When we establish relationships with our clients we work for the long term relationship. Not the the quick sale.

Smack Smog will never be an Ogilvy Interactive. As much as I completely respect them its not who we want to be. Smack Smog strives to be a small company that has big ideas and does great work for our clients. We are more then pleased with our amazing clients and creating amazing content for them. There’s room in the sea for everyone who does great work.