Video Content Marketing is gaining traction as a regular form of content marketing across industries. At one time only the wealthiest companies could create videos but with today’s phones and inexpensive cameras anyone with some ingenuity can create some customer involvement.¬†

Video Content Marketing

Wise content marketers are already using video. You should be as well. The question that we often are asked is where to begin and what strategies should be implemented. We like to keep things simple because life rarely is.

Step 1 – Solve A Problem Video Content Marketing

Generally speaking you work for a company, started a company that provides a service or a product that people want. People want your product because it in some way it solves a problem or provides a benefit that your customers desire.

So if you are just beginning the journey into creating videos we generally suggest that you create a video that describes the common problem that your potential clients experience, describe it, detail it, show that you truly understand the issue. Then show how you solve it. Stay modest, don’t thump your chest too loudly meaning stay humble and don’t make it seem like an ad. This will put people off

Step 2 – Show Solutions Video Content Marketing

Now is the time to get super duper literal. Break down the problem in very specific terms and then in the same way explain in detail how your product or service solves the problem with the same detail and explanation.

Step 3 РDemonstrate Your Solution Video Content Marketing

This is the step that you’ve been waiting for. You’ve been wanting to show off what your product or service can do. Now is the time to do that exactly. Create a video that shows your service or product. Take it slow, don’t rush things but in the same manner don’t make it any longer than it needs to be. If you sell a plumbers tool that wraps around a pipe show the product, describe it, wrap a pipe and show that it works. If you sell software that organizes your email then show how you install it. Take it feature by feature and show the benefit of your work.

Step 4 – Provide Testimonals Video Content Marketing

Nothing rings true better than a great testimonial that has teeth. No one wants to hear “XYZ Company is the best! Joe Customer!” Your customers want real people’s names and they want them to describe the problem they faced and how your product or service solved that problem. Keep your videos authentic, be specific in both your intention and the testimonials.

Bonus – Production Tips For Creating Content Marketing Videos

Remember that the reason that you are doing these videos is because you want your potential customers to see them and you want to win them over. Be sure that your sound quality, lighting, and other misc, video .production quality is as best as you can make it. Things to consider are using a tripod for your camera, clip on lapel microphones, soft lights. You can read more about creating videos for marketing here.