To be honest I don’t really think about race that I much when I think about Social Media. I mean one of the great things about the Internet is that everyone is pretty much the same. Sure we all might choose to share our race, gender, age, etc. but really what does really tell us about race, gender etc? Not much.

I’m not going to get into the whole is Social Media vehicle really marketing or is it engaging with the client base, building community, or just being sneaky because you want to exploit the community you build argument here. Its just not what I’m writing about today. However what I am writing about is that it is interesting to learn that 24 % of Twitter Users are African American.

For some reason this really peaks my curiosity. Why is it 24%? How does that statistic relate to other Social Media sites like Facebook, MySpace (yes I said MySpace and I didn’t break out in pimples), Yelp, You Tube, etc. In fact how it makes me wonder how race fits in to the whole Internet? Does it matter? Maybe it doesn’t, maybe it does.

I know that the way that my mind works is that I generally zero in on strange little factoids (thats why I love infographics) and pull them out at the most peculiar moments in my life. Yup its true I do that. So I have to ask myself again. Why are 24% of Twitter usersĀ  African AmericansĀ  and yet 53% of Twitter users are Women? Asians only take up 3% of the entire Twitter usage? Whats going on?

I find this super interesting. What about you? I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts about this as well. You should really check out the article here. The good people at Edison Research did a great job in putting the stats together. Way to go Edison!