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So I’ve ran across this blog entry called “Don’t Call Yourself a Social Media Strategist if you are a Recent College Grad: Do What Bryan Crist did to Land a Job” I think the title says it all but here are some of the things I like from this article.

  1. If you call yourself a “Strategist” I am assuming you have launched digital campaigns from the ground-up and have demonstrated good results.
  2. I see recent college grads with absolutely no work experience call themselves ‘social media strategists.’ Come on now, you got to work for that title.

I think this article just really struck a cord with me because I see every Tom Dick and Harry “Doing Social Media” without the depth of experience and chops to back it up. So I’d just like to say GREAT JOB Priya Ramesh! I enjoyed reading your article on Buzz Bin!

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