Boiler Plate Content, Hockey and a little bit of photography SEO in todays update.

Hockey – Flyers WIN! 8-2

Flyers vs Capitals

A win, is a win is a win. Sorry Capitals but we’ll take it. Nuff said. We don’t have to rub it in.

Random note. A truly talented photographer Kate Frese took some great photos of the game. I mean really great. The strange thing to me is that while I could see the photos on Broadstreet Hockey’s website I couldn’t see them on the backlink to her profile website. I completely understand that Ms Frese doesn’t want to give her work away. Photography is a very tough way to make a living and I respect that. However I do think that some type of tease would be helpful. That’s her business not mine but from a SEO & Content marketing view point I find that problematic. Ms Frese is truly talented and no doubt her career will skyrocket! However i do ask myself the following question. If you take a photo and no one can see it did it actually happen? Oh well, it’s her call I wish her the best! Go Flyers!

SEO & Content Marketing

Duplicate content is an issue that does come up from time to time. Your clients, your future clients, the people you want to be reading your website, and Google of course wants to see fresh new content delievered regualary to your website. If you don’t then there really isn’t a good reason to read it and therefore there isn’t a good reason for Google to serve up your webpage when you are searching for information.

Boiler Plate Content

Boiler Plate Content has been an issue for a while now. Simply defined as being content (almost always written) that is standard, often duplicated and repeated disclaimers of a law or legal nature. We all often see them in the navigation section of your footers, or within the on the header of everyone’s web pages.

The concern withBoiler Plate Content is that it’s generally the same wording or at least nearly the same that it’s virtually duplicated from page to page, from site to site. Many SEO’s for a very long time were very concerned that this would be considered to be duplicate content and that their SEO scores would be penalized. I don’t want my website penalized. In fact I don’t think anyone wants their websites content to be penalized but on the other hand no one wants to be sued either. What is an SEO to do?

According to this article in the SEO Round Table, we can all rest easy knowing that Google is aware of the usage of boiler plate content and does not penalize for it. All is good. The word toxic was thrown around and it sounds like we are all good. Read the article for yourself and make your own decision! You may resume your SEO journey!