I just read Seth Godin’s blog article called Next! His article I will boil down to describe as that often time we take for granted the work that we do and instead of each time giving our job 100% we often give less. He says its not good because we should take pride in our work and there is always someone out there ready to replace us.

It reminds me of a conversation that I had with a client a couple of weeks ago. This person is a top blogger who I’ve been blog coaching for years. This person is very successful and is open about how their blog has really pushed their profession. They told me about how busy they are and how bad they feel about ignorning the blog lately.

This was a great opening for me. I replied that I’ve noticed that while the blog has been written consistently the quality of the writing had dropped off dramatically.  While it is understandable, its not acceptable.

You see you can’t ignore the one who brought you. Just because you are hitting your goals does not mean that you stop doing those things that brought you this far. While I will admit that its easy to just  go on auto pilot and dial it in you must resist the urge. Sure most of you are blogging because you want to be the best in the world in what you do. You want to be an authority in what you do and have people respect and respond to you. That’s really awesome. However don’t quit blogging just because you are suddenly popular. Sure you are probably busier then ever but that doesn’t mean that you should stop writing quality posts and providing the same quality as when you started.  Your readers can tell when you are cheating, so don’t. just keep working away at your craft and it will prove to continue to  work!