We can talk about Social Media, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook all day but if we don’t have good content then we don’t have jack. Good content often comes from good writing.  I’m the kind of guy who cares more about what you  have to say then how you say it.  I know others are different but I think most people are like me. My sister disagrees I’m sure, but what else is new?

My point is that while your grammar may be awful if you can find a way to communicate via your writing you rock.  I prefer to work on what I’m saying then how I say it. I ran across some tips for writers by writers on bighow.com: You can take a gander at them yourself but here is one of the things I liked… Use it when you write your blog

1. Find a subject you care about.
2. Do not ramble, though.
3. Keep it simple.
4. Have the guts to cut.
5. Sound like yourself.
6. Say what you mean to say.
7. Pity the readers.