Mashable has a great article about Social Media Influencers.  Its very much worth the read.

It goes into allot more depth but what its basically saying is that there is a very small number of people in your Social Media Community who influence the other members. So if you want to impress 99% of your community then be sure to focus on impressing the 1% who matter.

A neat idea that basically seems to say impress the jocks and the cheerleaders and the rest of high school will be sure to follow. Works for me.  They go on to say learn about how that 1% is using your site, what they are passing on, etc and then do what you are doing even better.

Again, I say, “Makes sense.” These strategies are sound and make allot of sense but I’d also add that you shouldn’t forget that something that you are doing is already working. Keep doing what you are doing and things will be fine.

Read the Mashable article here.