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Act Now: You Can Make Money with Social Media!

Other People’s Money In both the business and nonprofit sectors, the effects of social media and economic transactions is well researched. Bluntly: people can make money with social media. For instance, Digiday reports that “Pinterest accounts for 25 percent of retail referral traffic. (Rich Relevance)”. And as seen in this Shopify infographic, Facebook accounts for over 25$% […]

“Did you see that picture of you on Pinterest?!?”: Shifts in Branding and Identity

Who’s Talking About You? Earlier this month, this post about Pinterest discussed who was talking about companies, and the effect on branding and identity. Generally speaking. Based on numbers from this Curalate and Digitas study, less than 30% of brand engagement is by the brands’ themselves. According the write up, The study was created using statistics from over 10 […]