What type of technology is your current web site using. A few years ago it was very fashionable to use Flash as a technology platform. Very expensive websites were built, sites that were very attractive, sites with lots of bells and whistles.  These types of sites are often very beautiful and very impressive.

There is one problem. Those sites, made with Flash will not work on iPhones, iPads, etc. Apple has decided not to use Flash for many reasons. I won’t go into all the details now but its fair to say that we shouldn’t expect Apple’s position to change anytime soon. So what does this mean for the users of Social Media?

Well if your site is made with Flash its time to change it. Yes there is some expense and heart ache that goes with it but if no one on a mobile Apple device (Iphone, Touch, IPad, etc) can see your site its not doing you any good.

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