I like this article about formulating Strategies for Social Media instead of plans, goals and other grown up stuff like that. Its written by The Very Official Blog which seems very cool and everyone should take a good look at it. Here is what I think the best part of the article talks about.

Steps to Defining the Strategy in Your Social Media Strategy

  1. Push for clarity around the overall business strategy
  2. Push for clarity around the strategies you feel social media should be in direct alignment with; i.e. marketing, communications, customer service, human resources, etc.
  3. Ask yourself, how will you extend this strategic alignment to the social web? *hint, do not list tactics to answer this question, but rather focus on guiding principles or rules of engagement.
  4. Ask what experience/reaction do you want people to come away with when they interact with your brand/company online.
  5. Is your strategy proactive or reactive? Will you actively seek people out, wait for them to find you/mention you?