Here are some facts to keep in mind when marketing to moms on Facebook:

  • 75% are Facebook fans of at least one company or brand
  • 16% of mom Facebook users followed more than 10 companies’ fan pages
  • 59.9% of moms feel neutral about Facebook ads, while 36% actively dislike them
  • Their favorite pages focus on parenting info, and pages focused on coupons, restaurants, groceries and entertainment (kid-oriented entertainment being the most popular).     Via Social Media

Social Media Examiner compiled an interesting report about how Teens, Boomers and Mom’s use Social Media. Totally worth of your time to  read this great article.

I”ve been a Stay At Home Dad for 9 years and counting and I’ve come to understand women and more specifically mothers better then I think most men do. Yes, I speak the secret language of Moms! Perhaps I’ll never be fluent as a native but I think I get it.

Here is another nugget that I love from the Social Media Examiner report:

“The good news was that moms were more receptive to marketing in general, a big plus for companies marketing in this space.”

The article goes on to say that there are rules for marketing to Moms. If you respect the rules the Moms will reward you. If you don’t you’ll get a time out that you might never recover from!

This is such a great article that I feel a strong need to put a bunch of links to the sources:


Special Thanks again to Social Media for putting together such a great article.