I just read an article about Profile Pictures. Parts of it were okay but I thought it was sorta just okay. So I thought I’d put together my own. I’ve been  photographing clients, their places of business, employees, products, employees, etc for years. Here are a few things I’d suggest to keep in mind.

When making your image consider the following:

  1. Use a tripod – Keeps the picture sharp not shakey and blurry.
  2. Think about the background – Pick something solid and plain. Don’t get lost in the picture
  3. Light – Needless to say don’t make it too light, too dark , etc. However, just as important is considering how to use the light to convey the message.  Dramatic, playful, etc.
  4. Please don’t use the “web cam” photo. Instead choose a decent camera.

When Selecting the image what do you want it to say about you?

  1. You probably don’t want to put pictures of yourself at your bachelor party
  2. Pictures of your pets (instead of you) probably don’t convey that professional image that you’ve been working so hard to convey.
  3. A suit and tie is nice at the office but I usually suggest a more casual look for most social media. This doesn’t mean that you should wear your Bud Lite T-Shirt but a nice polo shirt, Tommy Bahama, maybe even a nice bowling shirt will often do.  Its important to be you but be accessible to those looking at your profile.

Of course I can’t impress on you the importance of using a professional photographer when ever possible. I think its work every penny.

If you’d like to see more of my photo work visit http://www.artsmog.com.  Feel free to contact Art Smog for your photography needs.