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So after being a life long PC user I just bought a Mac. Yup it wasn’t without thought and lots of personal soul searching and reflection. Being a company who constantly works on Social Media (while focusing on Content Marketing, Content Strategy) I do lots online. So when I tell people and almost everyone who owns a Mac says “Don’t you love it?, Isn’t it cool?” I always have a hard time answering. You see they want me to gush and tell them  how awesome it is when, well… It’s just okay.

You see lots of what I do is stuff that is online. When I’m developing a site in WordPress and I’m reviewing the content it doesn’t really matter what computer I’m using. The same is true if I’m posting on Twitter, Google+ or even Facebook. You see I pretty much use Google Chrome or Firefox (really I don’t ever use Internet Explorer, nor do I use Safari) and so my experience is very much the same no matter what I’m using.

Of course the Mac has some hocus pocus UNIX stuff with it and that makes everything so much safer (ie, no malware, viruses, spyware, etc) and so that’s the ultimate reason for using the Mac. Yes, yes, I could use Linux but… Seriously, it just seems sooooo hard!

So you won’t hear me say that PC’s suck (they don’t) and you won’t hear me say that Mac’s are for posers and losers (they aren’t). The truth be told, they are just tools tos work with.

Anyway, in the spirit of the New Shiny Mac  (I call it “Shiny”) I present you the latest info-graphic about Mac and PC users!


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