Great article over at Tech Crunch about Integrating Ethics Into The Core Of Your Startups: Why And How… I’m just going to put the main points up and let you follow the link to see the details. Its not really rocket science to those with a good moral compass but its nice to see laid out.

Both in my personnel life and my professional life I’ve tried to follow many of these tenants. I think its good advice.

I really think that the first point is arguably the most important. If you surround yourself with good people who can approach you and respectfully disagree I think you are doing something correct.  If you set that up I think allot of these other points arrive along with it.

1)  Create a culture of openness and welcome dissent

2)  Lead by example.

3)  Learn from immediate peers or distant models.

4)  Recognize your own fallibility as a leader, know your limits, and beware of the myth of immortality.

5)  Remember that institutional character — like a liquid cupped in your hand — is fragile; easily lost; and hard, if not impossible, to regain

Smack Smog does more then just create a website for you and walk away. We build a relationship of trust and effectiveness. We chose our clients in much of the same process that our clients chose us. We look for people and organizations that are going to be successful, that have ethics that align with ours and who have a good outlook for business and life.