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What is Content Marketing?

Or everything you wanted to know about Content Marketing but were afraid to ask… With apologies to Woody Allen, Max Fischer, and Buzzfeed…   What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a way to sell not just your product to consumers but your brand as a whole. What is the best way to sell a […]

When Storytelling Becomes Eyecandy

Presenting Content Over the past three weeks, we’ve talked about the power of storytelling and some ideas to make that happen. Although we process much of our decision viscerally at first, the logic part of our brains kick in to help us process our affect. This is when we use existing data and “proofs”; charts, […]

More Fish Tales: Organizational Storytelling

Organizational Storytelling Two weeks ago we posted this piece about the power of story in our lives, how the brain makes decisions based on our emotional response to variables, rationalizing the numbers afterwards. As individuals, we love stories and good storytelling. How can we represent our business, nonprofit, or community group via storytelling? But is this […]

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