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Keeping your WordPress Site maintained and updated

Keeping your WordPress Site maintained and updated
 is critical. According to the survey carried out in October 2015, it was found that around 59% users did not use the latest version of WordPress available. Not only is this staggering figure alarming, but it is also disturbing as using old forms make WordPress a hassle. So […]

4 Step Self Content Strategy Audit

Photo by Steve O’Bryan The Three Most Important Content Critics in the Universe How, as content creators, do we find our material?  How do we know what to write and how to write it so that others will read it?  Which posts will be “liked” and “shared” and which will get you “unfriended?”  Certainly, there […]

Google Hummingbird and what should you know

Google Hummingbird and your Website! Google Hummingbird is creating quite the stir amongst web developers, SEO Jockey’s and well just about everyone else who makes their living in one way or the other off the Internet. I’ve had several clients approach me and say; “What is hummingbird?”, what I think about Hummingbird, what they should […]

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