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Sometimes I love Seth Godin sometimes I don’t. This is one of those times that I love him.  Seth writes in his “Marketing Halloween” blog entry

Marketing home runs usually happen because the market/tribe/community is itching for a void to be filled, not because a marketer committed some brilliant act of promotion or pricing. The art, then, is to pick your niche, not to freak out about how to yell about it. You can’t make a perfect storm, but you can find one.

I have a client (who shall remain nameless) who is a very successful blogger. We often discuss the strategy of her blog. I coach, joke, etc. While I often encourage this person to explore more of a niche (which is a perfect fit for her) she is very concerned about being labled (in a bad way).She is afraid that she will be one dimensional and people will remember her for just one thing.  To this point I always point out that she is successful and not at all lableled and put in a box. That by finding a niche’ sets her apart and demonstrates her expertise and intelligence! Part of being a blog coach is to help the writer to see thigs that are obvious to the everyone else but not so obvious to the writer. Realizing that a niche is under served only helps the blogger to stand out and be heard instead of fighting to get noticed by everyone in a crowded area.

Seth Godin’s post is a great example of who you can be and expert/specialist/etc and not be limited or labeled, but instead be successful and free!

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