Yes, yes I’ve been posting a lot from the good folks over at Flowtown but its so good and it’s so easy and I can’t help myself! Thanks Flowtown!

Anyway… I know some of you are afraid of Twitter. You really don’t have to be. Its not scary and yes its a little silly but its also a great treat to give yourself. I think a lot of people from a certain age are concerned that:

  1. The name is silly and people will think I’m a silly. – Come on folks, there is nothing wrong with being a little silly.
  2. I don’t know what to do. Its easy. Write a sentence or two about anything and post it. Someone, somewhere will eventually read it.
  3. I don’t have anything to say! – Great other really interesting people do have AMAZING things to say. How about just listening? There are lots of really good sources of information out there.
  4. None of my friends are on Twitter. Really? They probably are and you just don’t know it, if they aren’t they most likely will be soon.
  5. There is nothing on it for me! Really?!? You have nothing to learn? There isn’t even one thing that you wished you knew more about? Maybe an actor, gardening techniques, Koi Fish, Music, Social Media, Human Rights, car care? Twitter is full of people who want to share what they know with you!
  6. I don’t have the time! How about that cool smart phone you bought? Are you doing much more then playing Bejeweled or Angry Birds? Want to do more? Well Twitter is great for smart phones. Its just small messages that you can either easily read or write on your phone without getting a headache!

Twitter offers so much its silly not to use it!

A Year of Twitter
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