I hear so very often “My Website isn’t doing anything!”

Well my question back is what are you doing for your website? Here are some of my standard questions.

  1. Are you feeding your website? Websites like to have new information written on it.
  2. Are you cleaning up after your website? Your website needs someone to look after it. You need to check for broken links, spelling mistakes, etc. Don’t just let it sit there in it’s own filth!
  3. Exercise your website – Take it out. Show it off! Put it on Digg! List it on Reddit, Delicious, etc! Share it with the world!
  4. Play with your website – Have fun with it. Dress it up. Take a look at the colors on the site, the fonts. Change them if you want to. You already said that its not doing anything. Change the fonts, put some new pictures, have fun! Remember it’s not doing anything so why not?
  5. Brag about it Visit the neighbors. – Go visit some other websites, maybe some blogs. Leave a comment or 10. Be sure to leave your URL along with your comment!

These are just some general guidelines. They have worked for my clients like Sheryl O’Bryan, Farzad KohanLa Canada Preschool, Art Smog, and many more!